• 94.

    Isn't it lucky that we were in a theater, I think I remember that the theater is called the Old Vic and that snow is sticking to its roof, when we performed our little old-timey-crossroads play, you and I, you as the witch and I as the wayfarer? And isn't it lucky that we got to be in the play rather than simply sit mutely as spectators? Not that watching plays is very often a hardship, although it sometimes is. What isn't so lucky is that our play had such a short run, but oh well. Maybe there will be others! Maybe this is a play, and we're still in it! It is frightening to be in a play in which you as the actor do not know your lines. I know this because I sometimes dream about it, that I am suddenly pushed onstage to perform in a play I do not know. I have been given my lines, perhaps, but only moments earlier. I am not sure it ever ends in disaster, but it is still very distressing! I will not do that to you. I will not push you onstage and ask you to perform in a play you haven't the script to. So if this is a play and you're an actor in it, I really don't know what we're going to do. I don't have a script either. Usually in my dreams I do have the script, but as you must already know, you can't take the script onstage with you, not if it isn't a staged reading, and that would of course obviate the need for the dream, if it were only a staged reading and not a full performance with an audience and everything. The time is 7 a.m.