• 97.

    The language in Alfred Returner is kind of antiquated. It’s a little bit of a verse play, without strictly being a verse play. You are fortunate you don’t have to read it—only because people hate to read plays, or many people do, and if I am shooting fish in a barrel, the chances are, I have shot a fish who prefers not to have to read a play, especially one with antiquated language and odd diction! You see how you get luckier by the minute! But here is a bit of ill luck to balance your good luck: If you are in a pub in London, and you order a whiskey, they are going to measure it precisely—drop by drop!—and then they are going to charge you a lot for it. There. Now you are well-balanced, you have had your dollop of bad luck to equal the good, so you are not, in this moment, a lightning rod. (Which is more good luck, so watch out.)