• 98.

    I don’t think there should be any cars in the streets outside the theater, do you? I mean, no engines at all. Because wouldn’t you love to live in a world without engines? No planes roaring overhead (we wouldn’t have to sit on planes anymore!), no helicopters with their violent blades destroying the sky. No cars cramming up the road, no SUVs—we have never laid eyes on an SUV!  But horse-drawn cabs, I think. I know it’s cold, and these will not have heaters, but they’ll have heavy blankets for your legs, and of course you’ll be properly outfitted, and not only that, you’ll be used to it, heartier because you never grew soft in the age of easy comforts. You might even be wearing fur. It’s cold! You are basically sleighing through the open night. If you are against wearing fur, take it off. But you’ll be cold.