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    There are several things that are hard about being a truth-teller. One is catching the truth, because truth is very very swift and it flies like a swallow. So that's hard. Truth can change to falsehood faster than your slow five senses can perceive it. It is also extremely difficult to know when something is true and when it is false, so truth-tellers have to have eyes to see when true things are false and false things are true, and they must also perceive when true things that are false shift to true again and when false things that are true become false, and since it goes on like that ad infinitum, truth-tellers have to be tireless on top of everything else, it is like being a monkey on a bicycle, and sometimes being tireless feels impossible, sometimes collapse is a force as great as gravity. So I have enumerated a few things that make being a truth-teller difficult, but I have not told you that finding truth-listeners is next to impossible because in fact I think people hate the truth and they place filters in their ears and wrap their brains in gauze in order not to have to hear it, they will put the words of truth through grinders in order to mix it up and make it not the truth and therefore easier I guess to breathe, and that is what makes being a truth-teller not only difficult but thankless and lonely as well.