• 103.

    Can you please not read the following post? I say "following," but what if you're walking the opposite way—in which case I mean "preceding." Since I have no way of knowing which direction you're walking in, I think I will specify, in this case I will specify, although I do not like to specify. Can you please not read 102? The entire clot of words has put me off this whole endeavor. If I could delete it, I would, but I have made that rule for myself, that I am not permitted to delete any of these globs, so I cannot delete it. It is poorly written, it is unfocused and overwritten, it is meandering and dull and gratuitous and generally pointless. I stole from myself and I stole clumsily, I was a clumsy and lazy thief—I just wanted the goods and away. But now I am beyond it, and now I have extracted from you your sincerest promise that you will overlook it, I can move on, and continue with my glob, which in days of yore I loved.